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What’s Perking?

Sharing a cup of coffee is often associated with hospitality. Coffee is also useful for keeping alert or waking up. Donna A. Favors goes as far as to say, “It’s amazing how the world begins to change through the eyes of a cup of coffee.” What’s in your cup? How would the world be changed if life could be seen through your eyes?

I live in what many consider one of the best coffee growing areas of the world…the Serra Da Canastra Mountain Region. I’ve met many interesting friends and learned a lot about how coffee beans are grown, harvested, and processed to make a delicous cup of coffee.

When I first arrived in Brazil it took me a while to learn how to even make a good cup of coffee. Back then and for many Brazilian people still today, the normal way to make coffee is to boil the finely ground coffee in a pot of water and then strain it into a thermos. In those early days my younger children were small and close in age, so I didn’t always get to go visiting as much as my husband and the older boys. It was my son who taught me the correct Brazilian way to brew coffee. He had watched the ladies brew their coffee during visits to people’s homes.

Once we were out visiting a family who were the caretakers of a large farm. The wife asked me what sounded to me like, “Po po pó?” I was clueless until I saw her lift a tiny coffee cup. They do love their cafezinhos! What I learned afterward is that it was a common expression of cut down words, as we all do with quick phrases in our different languages. What she meant was, “Posso por pó?” Pó is a word for dust, because the coffee is so finely ground it is more like dust than the normal American blends. So, she was saying,”May I fix you a cup of coffee?” Listening closely is important to understanding.

It is very common to be offered coffee in Minas Gerais. It is available in tiny portions in doctor’s offices, grocery stores, and just about anywhere you have a waiting room. I didn’t even drink coffee before moving to Brazil. I had to learn to like it real quick; and now, I enjoy it a little too much!

Some current trends have turned coffee into a social phonomenon, but it has been around a long time, even in literature.

“I’d rather take coffee than compliments just now.”― Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

Whether you could care less about it or whether you measure your day by how much of it you have consumed, coffee has its place. Just the smell of a fresh pot of coffee wakes up the senses for many. The different aspects of coffee can be compared to our lives.

There are different strengths: weak, medium, and strong.

There are different flavors: bitter, sweet, and a plethora of new taste-bud tickling blends.

There are different temperatures: hot, cold, iced, room temperature.

Likewise, we as Christians have our different strengths, personalities, attitudes, and perferences. Do you have a certain blend or flavor of coffee that hits the spot on your palette? I like mine sweet with milk, and I enjoy trying all the newest creamer flavors. Some seasonal flavors keep me waiting for them to hit the shelves again. Hint: Peppermint Mocha!! What’s your favorite? Not everyone has the same taste. That’s okay! We are not all the same. Some would rather wake up to tea or some other beverage. Let’s still strive to keep the right blend of qualities in our character to shine the light of Jesus. I’d guess that would be strong, sweet, and brimming hot on fire for the Lord! Maybe bitter coffee suits the tastes of some coffee connoisseurs, but in life not many people like to be around the bitter or cold types of personalities. If I were a coffee blend I’d probably choose to be something like pumpkin spice! Of all the different options that today’s market offers to customers, it all boils back down to one thing…the coffee.

At the root of all that we do as believers, we should make Jesus the main thing. You can add in all kinds of different worship styles, Bible versions or translations, or church memberships in your attempt to become a follower of Jesus, but you have to know Jesus first for the rest to make sense and add flavor to your life.

The way you brew your coffee might be different, but the end result is still a cup of coffee.

Here’s a link to a video about the old time way of making a cup of coffee in Minas Gerais.

Let’s face each moment of our day refreshed as if we’ve just had our morning cup of coffee and see what a difference it makes!

Romans-15:32 (KJV)

“So that I may come to you with joy, by God’s will, and in your company be refreshed.”

Let others know what’s perking in your cup, by sharing God’s love. ❤