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Ready, Set, Write

Today is a new beginning! Though I’ve tinkered with a few preliminaries to actual posting a blog, I have never taken the big plunge into a real, honest to goodness effort at entering into the blogosphere. Today ‘s my day to do more than wiggle my toe in the water.

I would really love to share some of the most interesting and hope building experiences of my life with you, to share some smiles, and to give you a boost of postive attitude. I was a homeschooling, ex-public school teaching mama of five married to my pastor husband in 1999. Then, one day my husband came home to share that he felt God leading our family to move to Brazil to live and work in a missions ministry. I had two choices: of rebelling against change or of joining him in what he felt we were called to do. Within, eighteen months our family was living in the interior of a new country. Then, after a couple of years of living among our new friends we welcomed our youngest child into our family. Through it all, I learned more about depending on God even when I felt undeserving and incapable. Life can change in the blink of an eye for any of us, but it does not have to break us or shatter our faith. In fact, I hope my story will inspire others to live boldly with Jesus and follow the path to a fruitful journey. My newest venture is this blog page. Sweet Bee (pictured above) is my mascot…always reminding me to keep my words sweet! Every journey starts with the first step, so ready, set, here I go!

* I invite you to follow along, join me, comment, and to please pray for me that all brings honor to the Lord Jesus Christ.

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