A New Beginning

I started out a little over a year ago with the thought in my mind of trying to publish a Christian novel that I had been writing. I was about to travel home from Brazil where we do mission work to get two more of my children enrolled in college. I ran across the advertisement for the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference. It seemed like a huge step to take but I registered to attend. I am so glad that I did. I still don’t have that book published. I’m in the editing process but trying to be patient and positive.I met the most amazing people and learned a lot about the whole writing process at that conference. I came home enthusiastic about trying to get a “platform” going. I have children who are great with technology, but I am a little bit challenged. I have tried to pay as I go for the different things that I’ve added to the website and business related areas of getting published. So, I’ve had a few setback and delays. No worries. I am grateful for the things I’ve learned in the process.I am most grateful for the encouraging friendships that I’ve added to the already wonderful group of supportive friends and family in my life. Well, all that to say that I let the blog go unfinished and really did not know how to get it back off the ground. So, I am posting today to commit to a new start. I hope that I’ll gain a few follwers that will enjoy and participate in the blog. I look forward to what will come to Sweet Bee Writes.Please write or comment if you have any suggestions for ideas to help me make a better author website or blog. Thanks for reading!